Lil’limo リル・リモ

20009月、広尾と西麻布の間(外苑西通り沿い)にインポートとオリジナルのセレクトショップをオープン致しました。Lil' limoLittle limousineの略で「ちょっとした贅沢と心地良さ」の意味。

NEW YORKを中心に国内外より独自のセレクトでウエア、バッグ、アクセサリーを集めています。



Our specialty store, Lil'limo opened on September,2000 on Gaien street just between Hiroo&Nishiazabu. 

Lil'limo is short for Little limousine, and bears the meaning " a little bit of luxury and comfort ".

We gather clothing,bags,accessories,and shoes mainly from NewYork,as well as from LA,Europe and Japan.

With our own selected eyes. It is the kind of store where woman with personality can find something special for themselves to fit their style.

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